Baby Cardigan Guide - How To Choose the Perfect Sweater for Baby!

Baby Cardigan Guide - How To Choose the Perfect Sweater for Baby!

Posted by Feltman Brothers on 1st Aug 2023

Dressing your little one in the right outfits can be a challenge, particularly if you’re tired of all the “fast fashion” that forces you to waste time and money. It can be extremely frustrating to buy what you think is a great sweater or cardigan, only to see it torn and frayed after one or two uses. Fortunately, you don’t have to settle for low-quality items. When you purchase a quality, hand-knit cardigan from a trusted brand like Feltman Brothers, you get a piece of baby clothing that, with proper care, could stay in your family for generations!

But if you’re unsure about choosing a cardigan for your baby girl or boy, you may want to learn everything you can about these nifty little garments. You probably have plenty of questions, too. For example, what is a cardigan for babies? How do baby cardigans differ from adult cardigans? What are some popular colors for baby cardigans? Finally, what are some fun cardigan styles for boys and girls?

In today’s guide, we will answer all of these questions and more, so let’s get started!

What Is A Cardigan?

A cardigan for babies is a small, knitted garment that has a vertical opening in the front. This opening is typically kept closed using buttons, fabric ties, or in some cases, a zipper. Beyond their size, baby cardigans do not vary substantially from cardigans made for adults. They are both made from soft, warm materials like wool or cotton. Cardigans are almost always long-sleeved, though there are some short-sleeved variations. Nonetheless, due to the thickness of a standard baby cardigan, they are often best for cooler temperatures.

If you’re unfamiliar with cardigans, you’re not alone. Despite being around for well over a century, many people are unaware of the cardigan’s origins. Named after the 7th Earl of Cardigan, the cardigan has grown to become one of the most popular and fashionable winter-weather garments throughout the Western world. And while adults in the United States and Europe have been wearing cardigans since the 19th Century, they’ve become a more recent addition to children’s fashion over the past few decades.

Cardigan Vs Sweater

Many people assume that a cardigan is just a fancy name for a sweater, but there are a few key differences that apply to both baby and adult cardigans. Cardigans and sweaters are knit garments made of wool, cotton, or similarly comfortable materials. However, the designs of sweaters and cardigans tend to vary. This also affects how each garment is worn and even how each garment is put on and taken off.

Traditionally, a sweater is a single, closed garment with openings at the bottom, the neck, and the ends of the sleeves. For this reason, sweaters are often known as “pullovers,” because they need to be pulled over the head and torso when put on. Alternatively, cardigans have openings down the front, from the neckline all the way to the bottom of the garment. This means that, while cardigans can also be pulled over the head, they are generally put on by opening the front, inserting the arms and torso, and then closing the front again. As a result, cardigans tend to be a bit more versatile than sweaters, even if they do take a few more seconds to put on!

Both cardigans and sweaters also share various additions with certain designs. For example, both a cardigan and a sweater can have a “hoodie” element, where there is an extra piece of fabric attached at the back of the neckline that can be pulled up and over the top of the head. Similarly, cardigans and sweaters can have different styles of necklines, including crew necks and V-necks.

Finally, while cardigans and sweaters are typically worn in cold weather, sweaters tend to be thicker than cardigans. This is because sweaters are most often worn on their own or simply over a t-shirt or light undergarments. Alternatively, cardigans are designed so that they can be worn alone or as an accompaniment to a t-shirt or dress shirt underneath. Again, this gives cardigans much greater versatility, even if traditional sweaters tend to offer more warmth to the wearer.

Popular Baby Cardigan Colors

When it comes to colors for baby clothes, there are a few classics that will never go out of style. Some of these include black, white, navy, and pink. We will go into more detail about these colors and their uses below. Additionally, we will cover some of the less common colors that are still great fits for baby boys and girls! Here are some of the best and most popular colors for baby cardigans:White - White is a beautiful, angelic color for baby cardigans. Whether it’s for a photo shoot or a family get-together, your baby will look adorable in an all-white cardigan!

  • Navy - Navy is a classic that is particularly well-suited for baby boys. Few things look more dapper than a navy cardigan!
  • Pink - Pink is a great color for baby girls. A pink cardigan and cute outfit could be the perfect choice for Easter Sunday or other special events in your family’s life!
  • Cream - Cream is yet another classic cardigan color that works for children and adults alike. It can look suave, sophisticated, and absolutely charming on a baby boy or girl!
  • Red - Red is a great option for cardigans, and it is especially fitting for the holiday season!
  • Grey - Like cream, grey is a classic cardigan color that works for virtually any occasion!
  • Pastels - Lastly, pastels like baby blue are great options to create a soft, soothing look for your baby!

Baby Boy Cardigans

Are you looking for a handsome cardigan for your baby boy? If so, Feltman Brothers has a lot of great styles to choose from. Here are just a few of our personal favorites and our most popular designs for boys:

Baby Girl Cardigans

It’s important to remember that cardigans are not just for the boys in the family! There are tons of beautiful and classy cardigans for girls in the Feltman Brothers collection. Here are a few of our absolute favorite options to help complement the perfect outfit for your baby girl:

The Feltman Brothers Cardigan Difference

Established in 1916, Feltman Brothers is dedicated to quality above all else. Our baby cardigans are hand-knit using delicate detailing and stitching, ensuring that each and every garment is unique, yet durable. We also offer our boys cardigans and girls cardigans in a wide range of colors and designs so that you can find the perfect outfit for your child.

With beautiful color choices and ultra-soft knits, Feltman Brother cardigans are unparalleled in quality, versatility, and comfort. And if you’re worried about sizing, don’t stress, as we offer a variety of sizes for newborns, all the way up to children 4 years of age. So, if you want your baby to be comfortable and cozy while looking their absolute best, you can’t go wrong with a cardigan from Feltman Brothers!

Do you want to find a high-quality baby cardigan? If so, be sure to check out the beautiful items available at Feltman Brothers today!