Matching Sibling Outfits: Find The Perfect One For Any Occasion

Matching Sibling Outfits: Find The Perfect One For Any Occasion

Posted by Feltman Brothers on 16th Jan 2023

It’s relatively easy to find matching outfits for siblings. You can just measure your children’s respective sizes and buy the same outfits to match each child. But this doesn’t mean that you’ll really be getting high-quality clothes. In fact, if you’re shopping at most contemporary retailers, you’re likely spending money on mass-produced outfits that won’t last very long.

Fortunately, if you’re looking to find sibling matching outfits that look great and are made to last, you do have better options. At Feltman Brothers, we offer handmade matching outfits made using tried-and-true methods from century’s past. This means you’re not just getting any pair of matching outfits; you’re investing in truly memorable clothes and memories for your little ones.

So, what are some good matching outfits for siblings? What factors should you consider when shopping for matching outfits? Finally, what occasions are best for matching outfits? In this guide, we will answer all of these questions and more, but first, let’s look at why so many families opt for outfits that match:

Why Do Families Wear Matching Outfits?

It’s not uncommon to see Christmas cards or family newsletters with entire families wearing the same thing — even down to the pets! The truth is that family matching outfits are popular for a variety of reasons that can vary from one family to the next. For example, a married couple may choose to wear matching pajamas or clothes to show their affection for one another. Similarly, grandparents, parents, children, and grandchildren may choose to wear matching family outfits for pictures, get-togethers, holidays, or other special occasions.

Matching family outfits often create a greater sense of togetherness. Even if family members fight and bicker, they can come together on religious days or important holidays to show their appreciation for one another. This can even be expressed in clothing, which is why so many families choose to wear matching outfits that coordinate with the theme and tone of the day.

While matching outfits for entire families are great, they can be a bit limiting. It’s not always easy to find the same outfit in every size to accommodate your entire family. For this reason, many parents opt for matching sibling outfits. This way, they have many more clothing options to choose from with fewer size restrictions. Matching sibling outfits also offer a great way for young ones to look adorable and well-dressed when the occasion calls for it.

Coordinating Outfits For Siblings

While the first step to finding matching outfits for siblings is choosing the right design to meet your needs, you’ll also need to consider a few other factors. More specifically, coordinating sibling outfits require you to measure sizes accurately, account for the number of outfits you need, and consider the preferences of your children.

For example, you might have siblings of varying ages, heights, and sizes. Matching baby and toddler outfits will need to be different sizes (and perhaps even different designs) than matching outfits for 4-year-old twins. Plus, one sibling may prefer to wear an outfit with long sleeves, while the other sibling may hate long sleeves.

You will also need to account for gender differences by finding both boy and girl matching outfits. Even if you’re searching for newborn and toddler outfits, you’ll probably want brothers and sisters to have unique outfits according to gender. However, many of these considerations come down to your personal tastes and the occasion for which you’re buying the outfit.

This brings us to the issue of choosing the best matching outfits for the occasion. In the sections below, we will discuss factors to consider for some of the most common holidays and events that call for matching sibling outfits.

Matching Christmas Outfits For Siblings

Christmas is one of the most popular time for families to break out the matching outfits. Many parents opt for funny outfits and pajamas that reflect the theme of the holidays. However, if you want something a little more picturesque, you’ll want classic, stylish matching sibling Christmas outfits.

Remember that matching or coordinating sibling Christmas outfits don’t have to be exactly the same. You can use the same designs and colors in different sizes. Alternatively, you can opt for the same designs and sizes that vary by color. Coordinating Christmas outfits for siblings often rely heavily on Christmas colors, particularly red and green. Most traditional outfits also factor in cooler temperatures during the winter months, so you’ll often find matching outfits that feature long sleeves, thick knits, and even bonnets.

Matching Easter Outfits For Siblings

Easter is another holiday that is absolutely perfect for matching outfits. Young children who are attending church, enjoying an Easter egg hunt, or just having a special day with the family will look even better in matching sibling Easter outfits. Fortunately, you’ll have plenty of different styles and outfit designs to choose from at Feltman Brothers.

From cardigans to floral dresses, there is no shortage of great Easter outfits for young siblings. Like Christmas, Easter is often associated with specific colors. You can’t go wrong with soft pastels or even white outfits. In any case, you’ll want to gauge the style of the clothes based on the environment. For example, a religious service may call for more formal matching outfits, while children can be more casually dressed for an Easter egg hunt.

Matching Sibling Outfits For Weddings

It goes without saying that weddings are focused on celebrating a loving union. That said, weddings are also a great opportunity for children to put on their Sunday best (so to speak), and even wear matching outfits. Naturally, matching sibling outfits for weddings can vary based on the age and gender of your children.

For instance, young brothers may wear matching two-piece cotton outfits, while sisters may prefer matching flower girl dresses. And even if you have boys and girls, there are still plenty of ways to coordinate outfits with similar colors and materials, even if the designs have a few differences. In any case, you shouldn’t be worried too much about colors. Most softer colors like beige, baby blue, yellow, and pink are all great options for weddings. And even though adults are usually advised not to wear white to a wedding, young children are usually given a free pass!

Matching Sibling Outfits For Photoshoots

When you think of a photoshoot, you probably think of a photography studio run by professionals. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. You may have a casual photoshoot at your home or a professional photoshoot at a specific location. Either way, you have a lot of creative freedom to dress your young siblings in matching outfits to get the perfect shot.

It can also be fun to have everyone in the family match in color. Trying to match the outfit of a toddler to that of a grown adult can be difficult. For this reason, it’s better to aim for matching outfits for siblings who are relatively close in age. If you want to be part of the photoshoot too, don’t stress. Just make sure that your outfit looks good and doesn’t clash with what the little ones are wearing!

Do you want to find a high-quality, matching sibling outfits for your young ones? If so, be sure to check out the beautiful items available at Feltman Brothers today!